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Vietnam Culture and Customs

Vietnam culture and customs

The culture and customs of Viet Nam is a historical culture imbued with national identity through many periods and but it still has a feature of the Southeast Asian and the rice civilization.

Viet Nam has rich and diversified culture. It reflects in every aspect of Vietnam’s life from lifestyle, religion, costumes, culinary arts, literature to festivals and events.

Some elements which are featured for Viet Nam’s culture including: ancestor reverence, respecting the values of family and community, handicrafts, hard-working, diligence and studiousness.

Regional Variations in Vietnamese Cuisine


Regional variations in Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine is different by region. Each region has its own charm. For that reason creates variety of dishes of Viet Nam

Northern cuisine is not often bearing the fatty, spicy or sweet taste like other areas. Northern people usually use fish sauce to season food so that’s why northern taste is a little bit salty. They also like to eat many raw vegetables, especially coriander, basil, etc.

Southern cuisine tends sweeter than other regions. It’s because of the effect from other countries like China, Cambodia, Thailand, Italy, France, etc. Southern dishes are not only very diversified but also variety beautiful decoration.

Central cuisine always has its own charm. The taste of central cuisine is saltier and spicier than the north and the south. The color is mixed diversified; the way to cook is very sophisticated.

Beside the 3 main region cuisines, Viet Nam also has the minorities’ cuisines which are not foods that you could enjoy anywhere unless you get to come to the right place where the minorities live. The dishes are very special and unforgettable.

Vietnam Culture and History


Vietnam culture and history

Viet Nam history was through many stages, from Dong Son period, the time when Hung king built and kept country, the time when Han Dynasty colonized for over 1000 years to the war of resistance against invaders such as France, U.S. Those reasons create an indomitable country. Come to Viet Nam, besides contemplating the beauties landscapes which are gifts from nature, tourists are also attractive by the interesting histories of Viet Nam which are represented by historical monuments.

Scattered across country, there are temples, tombs, the surviving monuments of previous cultures such as My Son Sanctuary, Hue Citadel, Thang Long Citadel, the ancient capital Hoa Lu, etc. or museums which still keeps the memories of war, such as Vietnam History Museum, War Remnants Museum .etc, which are very attractive for domestic tourists and foreign tourists.